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Some ideas of things I might translate eventually.
Those are veeeery low priority! I like doing doujinshi more, but if nobody is interested in the series bellow and if I have time/interest/etc, I might do they. It's not a "Future Project" list and I'm not claiming them either. Those are just things I thought about and might do eventually!

Anata no Koto wa Sorehodo, by Ikuemi Ryou. → Looking for scans!!
Love, Hate, Love, by Yamashita Tomoko.
Romantic Joutou, by Moriyo. **Requested by an acquaintance. It's a omegaverse manga. 
Sawattemo Ii Kana, by Matsumoto Miecohouse.
Ita Hime, by Katsura Nanaki.
Otonari ni Noraneko, by Sachi Arai. **Requested by Anne-chan (I did a summary for her, but I thought about translating it someday as well).


JK Hajimemashita, by OKT - Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun doujinshi (MayuMiko).
Translation done / Edition done → Completed.

Keep Out, by DDDV - Inazuma Eleven doujinshi (Mob x Mark + Dylan)
Permission received from ebil_trio. → Awaiting to be translated.

Colorscape, by Takazawa Yuuki (BorderLine) - Lord of the Rings doujinshi (Aragorn/Legolas)
Permission received from Rêve Fruité. → In translation (not by me!).

321Cue!, by American Rock - Uta no Prince-sama doujinshi (Otoya/Tokiya)
Translation done. / Edition done. → Completed.

Nama Kin!, by American Rock - Uta no Prince-sama doujinshi (Otoya/Tokiya).
Awaiting to be translated.

am, by Waradoko - Super Smash Bros doujinshi (Ike/Marth)
Awaiting for scanner permission.

Wonder2, by Suzune Akashina - Yowamushi Pedal doujinshi (T2).
Awaiting to be translated.

Kasukana Kaori, by Suzuke Akashina - Yowamushi Pedal pixiv comic (T2).
Translation like 40% done.

Azusa no Harrasment & Untitled Comic, both from pixiv, by Wa Kimizu - Ookiku Furikabutte pixiv comic (TajiHana). Warning: Omorashi.
Translation done. / Edition in progress.

Ichijojojo, by various artists - Kaiji doujinshi. Warning: omorashi.
I'll actually be doing just one of the stories, by a friend's request.

I'm also very interested into anything by Zaou Taishi that hasn't been translated yet.

I take requests for doujinshi. I do things that are from unusual series, pairings or fetishes or that are unlikely to be translated by anyone else. If you have a request, just leave a comment here or in anywhere in the blog or drop me an email. If you scanned the doujin yourself or can point to me who scanned it (so I can talk to the scanner and ask for their permission), the things will be very much easier~

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